Huidekoper Cat, and Other Tales

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Huidekoper Cat, and Other Tales.

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Reader Praise for Huidekoper Cat…

I read this delightful anthology with great interest and pleasure. This loosely connected web of period short stories explores in detail the complicated interaction of its numerous characters and how they relate to one another. The author uses the omniscient observer technique to optimum effect. I hope that he has many more such stories to spin for our further delight!

Selections from the Book

From “Two Sisters”

Louise Franklin was barely out of sight when a taxi pulled up. From the taxi emerged Francey. She looked a complete wreck.

Francey didn’t even try to pretend that everything was all right. There was something wrong with her posture. She wasn’t holding her head up. She made a feeble attempt: “why are you looking at me so strangely?” In response to Brenda’s silence, she said, “I guess I look like shit.” Brenda followed her into the elevator.
Nothing more was said until they got to Francey’s apartment. “What’s happened?”

From “She Knew What She Wanted”

Later, as she is falling asleep, seeing through mostly closed eyes the still awake Ramon gazing at her, Miranda thinks to herself, “I just may have found what I wanted.”

Miranda wakes up in the morning feeling happy. She thinks how good last night was. Suddenly she realizes he’s not in bed with her. Oh no. Damn. Not one of those. But then he comes out of the bathroom. It’s all right. He walks into the bedroom and smiles.

She says: “It’s OK. I do have eggs in the refrigerator.”

“How did you know I was wondering if we could have eggs for breakfast?”